Bars and Restaurants

What else?

What else?

There’s so many and of all different types, as many as there are gay clubs in Los Angeles. Beware the iconic Mattachine bar closed its doors in August 2018, it is probably still in a lot of guidebooks. Sad to see it go it had great roots back and the cocktails were delish.

Bars that are still open? Head back to West Hollywood or Silver Lake there’s more than enough, but for those who need a recommendation, try Flaming Saddles – well try it if you like cowboys line dancing and Coyote Ugly bar dancing – yeah, that does sound fun.

For the girls you can give Girl Bar a try or Matrix, both are worth checking out. Oh! Do you want to see another LA work habit? To check out wannabe actors doing their day job you might try Pump Restaurant Lounge. It’s a thing in LA, most people do more than one job.