Things to see

Make a list

Make a list

Well there is the offices of the Advocate, but it is a working office and you’re not working, so nod as you pass by on your way for coffee or ice-cream. The paper has been around for 48 years so R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

You definitely need to see the Wall Las Memorias Project. The first publicly funded AIDS memorial in the country. Its relevance today is as strong as ever, especially in the current political climate. We had to fight once, remember? The best thing about them their mission statement talks about underserved populations. It is a nice touch.

There’s a small outpost of the One National Lesbian and Gay Archives in West Hollywood that’s worth taking a look. The bigger collection is at USC and is more for the serious historian, the offshoot is a great gallery space and worth a quick look. It’s on Robertson Blvd by Melrose.

You also have to visit the Grand Central Market – its downtown LA so if you’re staying in the ‘hood you’ll miss this one. If you go that way, its great fun. Whatever do you want for lunch? They got it!

Illustration by: Aaron Fernandez