Where to go



West Hollywood is where you’re going to start. West Hollywood gay is on the rise, the place has 25 gay bars and 69 gay friendly restaurant (of course it does!) Night or day, ok perhaps not so early in the day, but you can get a caffeine fix pretty early on, this is the place to see all the beautiful people living life behind designer sunglasses and effortless tans.

Next on the itinerary is Silver Lake – the scene of the draconian 60s raids. Sadly the Black Cat where it all started is no longer a gay place, but hey history was made there. Sunset Boulevard (yes, that one) is the main drag and a short 1.9 miles of drag there is. Amazingly you can walk it or use your bike.

Of the two ‘hoods West Hollywood is kinda the #1 with Silver Lake coming in as the cute little sister, both need to be visited and both are worth a look.