Los Angeles is hot. Not just referring to the ridiculous number of good-looking people you see on the streets, but also in terms of the temperature. Needless to say, It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day especially if you’re spending it soaking up vitamin D at the beach. But, naturally, all that heat demands a drink (or two…) to cool down. These five bars will give you the “hump-day-pick-me-up” or the liquid courage for a fun night out.
The Varnish

Tucked into the back of a restaurant without being too secluded, The Varnish has become one of the city’s most fashionable not-so-secret-secret-hiding-spot. Cozy up to the counter to watch the trio of bartenders making you a classic cocktail done right.

Employees Only

Despite being the newest addition to the Employees Only empire of bars (which, mind you, spans the globe from Miami to Hong Kong to Sydney), co-founder Dushan Zaric already considers it the best. The front bar is a larger-scale replica of the original in New York, but if you look for it, there are plenty of L.A. touches - surprise yourself with drinks made with Californian citrus, chamomile, and other local products.

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

For a taste of the South, head to Yardbird that boasts a collection of over a hundred bourbons. While it’s only been open since April, this bar-restaurant hybrid has already drawn crowds to the freshly renovated Beverly Center. Enjoy drinks, or if you’re feeling peckish, classics like chicken and waffles or peel-and-eat shrimp from the menu.


Sure, some may say it’s kitschy, but that’s a huge part of the appeal. This over-the-top tiki bar serves up super-boozy Mai Tais in a cozy space outfitted with plenty of Hawaiian influences. This is as real as it gets - the bar’s been kept in the Buhen family for three generations.


You can’t leave Los Angeles without sipping a cocktail at a rooftop bar. And when we talk about rooftop bars, this is among the best. Located in the heart of downtown, Perch offers breathtaking views of the city. Enjoy classic drinks like Penicillin or Moscow Mule, or a glass of bubbly if you prefer, as you take in the sunset. Oh, it also has a French bistro downstairs if you feel a little hungry.