Advances in Technology – Virgin Galactic / Hyperloop

Don’t be mad that I said it. There are a ton of great projects happening in Arizona and other parts of the world. But LA is doing some special things too.

Have you heard about Richard Branson and his Space Tourism project? Fortune Magazine reported about the successful launch of their most recent Spaceship. <source->


Virgin Galactic headquarters is just 90 minutes outside of LA, in Mojave and it’s quickly set itself apart for the government contracts it has won and the progress they’ve made in such a short time. Branson told reporters that he’d take the trip to Space himself halfway through 2019. (source cnbc)

That’s not the only high tech project happening around LA. Right now, there’s a small tunnel and hyperloop demo track in Los Angeles preparing to open.

It may not be accurate to say that everyone’s excited. But speaking as someone who currently rides scooters to avoid the traffic. A kid is grateful. Once it opens on the 18th, the public will be able to experience the whole thing.

Want to see it yourself? Book a flight, or get a hotel. Either can be done right here… and if you purchase using this link, you can see additional deals and discounts. Visiting LA is really a keystroke (and credit card payment) away 🤩