The date of the parade is significant because it is the date of the raid. These days Pride parades are spread across the summer but New York and LA stick to the dates in June in memory of those who opened the way to where we are today.

Even if you only go out for the cocktails and to watch the spectacle – and believe us it is a spectacle – and you are not paying attention to the date West Hollywood is the venue for CSW’s raison d’etre.

Back in 1970

When CSW applied for a permit the LAPD granted it With 3 conditions:
– A bon for $1,000,000 to ‘pay out the businesses when people throw rocks at ya’ll’
– A cash bond of $500,000
– At least 5,000 people marching

Luckily the ACLU got involved and the California Supreme Court quickly overturned the conditions other than the need for $1,500 security bond. The first legit, acknowledged parade could now take place. From these humble beginnings in LA, Pride parades take place all around the world even including places where being gay is still risky.

Photo Credit: By Alan Light – 025_1Uploaded by ZH2010, CC BY 2.0,