Look at the hills and you’ll recognize one of the most iconic landmarks in history: the Hollywood Sign, which has been in almost every second postcard since 1923. But what other famous structures/ landmarks does the city have to offer? Let’s have a look below:
Hollywood Sign

Even those who have never been to Los Angeles know of the famous Hollywood Sign, which overlooks the city from the hills to the north. Getting to the sign itself requires a drive and a walk, but there’s no need to get up close when it can be seen from miles away or, better yet, from the Griffith Observatory which has stunning views of the sign.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Where’s the only place in the world where Dr. Seuss, Marilyn Monroe, and Whoopi Goldberg can be found together? The Hollywood Walk of Fame. The eighteen blocks that comprise the walk feature over 2,600 five-pointed stars—have fun finding the one dedicated to your favorite icon!

Walt Disney Concert Hall

The Walt Disney Concert Hall hosts performances throughout the year, but even if you’re not here for a show, spend some time admiring star architect Frank Gehry’s iconic work. Be sure to walk along the roof, including the tranquil Blue Ribbon Garden, for unimpeded views of Downtown L.A.

Staples Center

Few sports stadiums are as legendary as the Staples Center, which is the home to the Lakers and the Clippers, as well as the Kings. In addition to basketball and hockey, the center regularly hosts large-scale entertainment events, including concerts by Adele and Taylor Swift. Buy tickets for a game or show to see it in all its glory.

Santa Monica Pier

This pier, recognizable from its neon-lit entrance and Ferris wheel, is one of the icons of the local-favorite Santa Monica. Grab a bite to eat as you stroll along the boardwalk for an enjoyable day by the beach.