Los Angeles has long been a safe haven for the LGBTQI community, and that’s best epitomized by its wide array of gay bars. West Hollywood, affectionately nicknamed “WeHo”, has become a household name for gays, lesbians, and their allies across the country, but there’s plenty of other neighborhoods where you can have fun with the boys and girls. We’ve rounded up a list of the best.
The Abbey

If you only have time for one gay bar in Los Angeles, make it this. But you’ll probably head back again the next day. The Abbey is consistently ranked one of the best bars in the country, if not the world, and it’s unquestionably one of the most glamorous and most popular. Drinks here can be pricey, but they’re strong, so a couple highballs from one of the four full bars are more than enough to get you through the night. Who knows, maybe someone will offer to buy you a drink as a delightful surprise.


The hipster LGBTQI community of Silver Lake love to hang out at Akbar, so if “alternative” venues are more your scene, be sure to drop by. Though less polished than the bars in WeHo, per se, Akbar compensates with its perpetual influx of effortlessly cool vibe.


Rage is one of the few 18+ venues in the city, so the clientele here tend to be young. It’s well known for its various themed nights, but perhaps most so for its cheekily named Game Boi, which caters to the Asian LGBTQI population of Los Angeles.

Bar Mattachine

For those who like their nights to be classy rather than raunchy, Bar Mattachine is an ideal watering hole. The beautifully crafted cocktails go well beyond your standard well drinks with creations like Harry Hay, the bartender’s take on an Old Fashioned. Dark wood paneling and provocative artwork interestingly complete the image of sophistication.

The Eagle

Leather-lovers and bears will feel right at home at The Eagle, a no-frills establishment that’s packed to the gills on weekends. Ditch the gin and tonic in favor of a beer and get hot and bothered with the crowd. It probably goes without saying, but if you’re into guys who are on more of the “twinkier” side, this venue may not be for you as the clientele tends to be a little more mature.

Oil Can Harry’s

Tell yourself to hold no judgements if you decide to head over to Oil Can Harry’s, a Studio City gem where the patrons are more about getting loose on the dance floor than huddling up in corners chatting and taking selfies. What happens in Oil Can Harry’s stays in Oil Can Harry’s. Just imagine retro disco nights and you’ll get the picture.


Though Micky’s tragically burned down in 2007, it has risen itself from the ground like a phoenix to become an even bigger, bolder, and gayer venue than ever before. The double-storey building is always filled with boys of all shapes and sizes. If you’re bar-hopping in West Hollywood, make Micky’s your last stop: on saturdays, it’s open until 4 a.m.

The New Jalisco Bar

If you are looking to experience more of a Latino LGBTQI scene, head to The New Jalisco Bar in Downtown L.A., which is popular with the city’s Latino LGBTQI community. It’s a dive bar in its purest sense: no cover charge, cheap, strong drinks, and boys going wild on the dance floor.