If you love comic books, it is a lucky thing indeed that you have decided to head on over to Los Angeles. In addition to being the home of delicious food, beautiful sites, and beautiful people, it is also the home of some of the best independent comic book stores in the country.

But where to find the LA independent comic book stores? It is a big place after all, and finding anything at all can be a challenge.

Not to worry, we’ve found them for you (and had lots of fun doing it!). Read on for a guide to independent comic book stores in Los Angeles.
Collectors Paradise

The name of the store speaks to the geek in all of us, doesn’t it? After all, a love of comic books is also a love of collecting. The two passions go naturally hand in hand.

A lot of care goes into this shop. The staff is very friendly, very knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. They even include handwritten reviews beneath each book to help you make your buying decision.

It’s also filled with original art, and it features a wide variety of options for building your collection. This includes bundling opportunities and the “graphic novel club” which offers a discount on select titles.

You don’t need to be a collector to love this uniquely friendly shop. Gay, straight, and everything in between, everyone truly is more than welcome at Collector’s Paradise.

Earth-2 occupies the sanctified space of the former Golden Apple books, a famous comic shop that has since moved to the Bay Area.

Fortunately for comic fans, space was not empty for very long. If you are looking for a good Los Angeles comic book store, Earth-2 is more than worthy of a visit.

The shop maintains the famous Wolverine mural that Green Apple had commissioned that beckons customers into the store.

The store is also very equality minded. They feature a section dedicated to women artists and writers, making space for some much-needed gender equality in the comic book industry.
Meltdown Comics

No conversation of LA comic book stores would be complete without mention of Meltdown Comics. This shop is one of the most famous stores in the city, and perhaps even the country.

The shop features big books and lots and lots of indie titles. They even stock self-published books, which means you always have the chance of finding something that is truly unique.

In addition to having a good selection, the store is also a true nerd hotspot. The location is also the location for several hit shows, including #TheMeltdown with Jonah and Kumail.

Lastly, they even feature famous artists and writers, who stop in for Q&As as well as signings. This shop is about as trendy as it gets in the world of comics. If you are looking for an experience that will yield some cultural currency, stopping in at Meltdown is a good idea.