… And you don’t have to buy a tent to do it.

On the West Coast, we hear all sorts of Urban Legends:

“Forget Freddy Kruger, did you hear that the Tennessee Governor gave homeless citizens a $200 voucher and an Amtrak ticket to LA!”


I’m a fan of showing a source 🙂


The problem with this in LA, especially, is that even though it’s in bright blue Democrat country, there’s not a magic solution for this volume of people. Private industry has to do their part. The Zipcars and Ubers have helped us with Car Sharing. But who (other than a Hotel) is willing to help us share living space?

When I moved here, I thought I might be homeless. The first 2-bedroom place I saw was over $4500/month. I didn’t stutter.

I almost laughed in my realtor’s face… but I never stuttered.

My first visit was to a viral brand that had been visited by the likes of Buzzfeed, NBC, CNN. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Capsule Hotels of Japan moving to the US. Imagine a capsule hotel, that you can sit upright in. It sounds silly, but in the world of tiny homes and micro-spaces, you can’t take anything for granted.

PodShare is a way for you to live in Venice, Downtown LA, or West Hollywood for $1050 or less a month. Do I need to repeat that? It’s incredible.

The CEO stressed that each PodShare is unique. The Venice location has a nearby restaurant, a backyard and weekend music. They don’t lease out their place, and they actually have been working directly with the local government in order to be great neighbors.

When booking, you have access to their amazing amenities which include two modern kitchens, clean restrooms, wifi and the grounds and common areas. Your pod is secure and your things are safe. If you need a car… Grab a Zipcar

Though I wouldn’t live here with my significant other, the single version of me really could’ve made it work. If you’re considering a visit for pleasure or for pilot season… COME. Book that deal, and make sure to thank the incredible people at Podshare for making that possibility affordable.