If we could open up Google and see the results of a search with the words “Best” “Hotel” And “Los Angeles,” we’d get a dumpster fire of advertising and fake reviews. Most of us will give up on google and head to Booking.com or Hotels.com, but still, don’t know how to do more than the filter.

How Can I find the diamond in the rough?

You may not be able to… alone. Hello Superman, try building a team! Our team of Native Los Angelinos (see what I did there) have been to these spots in-person. My first feature will be the first Hotel I visited in Los Angeles.

How about I paint the picture. Years ago… while trying to be cute 🤪, I represented a client at an event. I was excited because it was my first time in Beverly Hills. Traffic was my first concierge, of course, but once I arrived at my destination, my mouth hit the floor.

Photo Credit: By Roselie / pixabay.com

Viceroy’s L’Ermitage snuck up on me. I drove down the BEAUTIFUL Burton Way, eyes on the palm trees, not the road, and passed by it at least twice. Be warned, LA Drivers are unforgiving. Lmao. Once I handed my keys to the Valet and walked up the red carpet the lobby, I couldn’t believe I was in the right location. I squeezed past two celebrities from a Netflix show (my NDA won’t let me name names) and into a quiet elevator.

Once the elevator doors opened, I made my way through a beautifully manicured hallway, to another red carpet. That led me to the rooftop pool. Sweeping views of Beverly Hills, nearby mountains, Downtown LA and Celebrities. Instagram and otherwise.

Photo Credit: By discoveryloyalty.com

Look, I’d love to act like I was some debonair, cool guy. But I was there in slacks. Super pedestrian. If I were you, I’d find an opportunity (and a couple extra dollars) to give yourself a taste of true LA Luxury.