At a Glance

Beautiful people and beautiful beaches. Los Angeles at its glimmering best is easy to fall in love with. Beyond its obsession with Hollywood, the City of Angels also boasts a vibrant dining scene, cutting-edge museums and trendy boutiques, and some of the most interesting neighborhoods that could be found. Come for the sun and the glamour, but stay for all the things that make L.A. one of the most exciting cities in the world.

When to Visit

Summer sees Angelenos and visitors alike pour onto the beaches and boulevards. To avoid the crowds, as well as the hot and muggy weather, we think the best time to visit L.A. is between March and May or September to November.


Unlike compact cities like New York, Los Angeles is spread out due to its large land area. Unfortunately, many places are difficult to navigate by foot, so almost everyone you’ll meet will tell you that access to a car is imperative. If you’re not keen on driving yourself, take advantage of ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft.

Public transportation, though sparse, is clean and modern. The metro connects to some, but not all, popular destinations, including Santa Monica, Hollywood, and Little Tokyo. You can pay per ride or buy a top-up card for added convenience. Look up the schedules beforehand and do some planning for a smoother journey.

As a rough guide, a ride-share service such as Uber or Lyft from the airport to Downtown L.A. will cost you roughly $30-40. You can also try to catch a FlyAway bus, but be prepared to have options as these can sometimes be inconsistent.


As one of the two major creative centers in the United States, Los Angeles has always enjoyed a liberal atmosphere where everyone feels a sense of belonging. The LGBTQI individuals hold prominent roles in the glamorous Hollywood industry, and the nightlife in West Hollywood is legendary to say the least. You’ll also find rainbow enclaves in hip Silver Lake and up-and-coming Downtown.

Pride, which happens each summer, is one of the most-anticipated events in the city, with a two-day music festival and day-long parade among its highlights. Watch the whole city – straight or not, celebrate in joy. If that’s not enough to satisfy your Pride cravings, hop on a gay cruise for the full experience.