Fashionistas, listen up: some of the hippest boutiques in the world can be found in Los Angeles. In a city where appearances are paramount, dressing your best could not be more important, so get your credit cards ready and dive into one of these retail sanctuaries for some serious shopping. Shop ‘til you drop!
Rodeo Drive

This Beverly Hills icon is where you go for your ultra-high-end boutiques, from Hermès to Fendi to Givenchy. Celebrities have been known to drop by the two-mile-long street to pick up some new items for the wardrobe. Definitely need your credit cards for this one.

The Grove

If you like your shopping with a touch of (admittedly fun) kitsch, make your wave to The Grove: this outdoor shopping center features facades that seem to have come straight from a Hollywood set and a glossy teal trolley that shuttles shoppers around the venue. For even more entertainment, there’s also a dancing fountain à la Las Vegas.

Beverly Center

This luxe mall covers all the bases, from high-end labels to fast fashion. A $500 million reservation began in 2016 in an effort to revitalize the building, and the result is that the new (and constantly updating) Beverly Center is better than ever. The dining options, including a top-level food court, are also fantastic, so feel free to stop for nibbles when you need a shopping break.

Melrose Avenue

This east-west boulevard packs some of the hottest boutiques of the moment, including Maxfield, which mixes vintage pieces, modern classics, and an Apple Watch store in a space reminiscent of an art gallery. Otherwise you can try Decades, a high-end consignment store where you can find incredible pieces. For a peek at local brands, check out Reformation, which sells a stylish line of dresses. If you’re looking for something a little less mainstream, start from here.