Los Angeles is the city of dreams, but it can be an expensive city of dreams. There are countless things to do in LA, including things that will cost absolutely nothing. There are many more than 10 free things to do in LA, but these are the 10 most interesting free things to do to have an awesome experience.

Get a great view of the city and the stars in Griffith Park

Griffith Park is the largest urban park in the country and there are many things to see and do here. The Griffith Observatory offers the opportunity for visitors to see the city from up high and see the stars far from the city lights. The planetarium hosts show inside, but these will cost between $3-7 depending on what guests are interested in seeing. Visitors will also be able to get a great view of the Hollywood Hills and the Hollywood sign.

Take a walk among the stars

It will cost nothing to walk along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where you will see stars for celebrities like Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Mickey Mouse, Harrison Ford, Ellen DeGeneres and so many more.

Hike with celebrities

Runyon Canyon is a great place to get a good sweat on while you take on the views of the city from up high. Many celebrities have been sighted on the trails of Runyon, so you may run into someone from the big screen on your hike. The most popular hiking trail leads right up to the infamous Hollywood sign where you can take your picture (from behind the sign).

Watch a turtle race

You read that correctly, Brennan’s Pub (also known as Artisanal Brewer’s Collective) has a turtle race once a month, and it is just as funny as it sounds. The turtles are placed on a circular mat. Whichever turtle reaches the outside of the mat first wins. The turtle races get pretty rowdy with people cheering their picks on. This is definitely an experience like no other.

Immerge yourself in prehistoric wildlife

The La Brea Tar Pits doesn’t necessarily sound like a place anyone would go for a good time, but this attraction is full of unique history. Admission is free on the first Tuesday of every month excluding July and August. More than 600 species have been found in the tar pits, making it one of the largest collections of Ice Age Fossils in the world.

Catch a comedy show

At the Clubhouse Improv, all of the shows are free. The Clubhouse is a community-run theater, so everyone providing service at the venue is a volunteer. Entertainers do welcome tips, but a ticket or cover charge is not required. Laughs are also free of charge.

Workout on the Pier

A workout on the Santa Monica Pier feels is a little different than a normal jog and weight-lifting session. The workout space on the pier is more like an adult playground, equipped with rings, ropes, and bars all over. If you need some inspiration for your workout, many well-known social media fitness gurus have spent time at the pier playground.

Check out Grand Park

LA’s urban park downtown has something for everyone, no matter what your interests. On any given day, guests can see free live music, performances, fitness classes, art classes – oh, and did we mention there is plenty of people watching to be done? Grab a seat on the lawn or on one of the bright pink chairs and benches around the park to watch all of the action.

See a free concert

LA is full of talent itching to be heard, and every great band or musician has to start somewhere. Catch a free show at places like Bootleg, Silverlake Lounge, The Echo and many more. Maybe you’ll get to see the next Bruno Mars before everyone else catches on!

Get a brewery tour

You will get more than just a brewery tour for free at Angel City Brewery. Start off by seeing how the beer is made, then follow up with a free tasting. The brewery doesn’t stop there; beer enthusiasts will also be able to partake in trivia, games, and comedy on most nights! Make sure to try the avocado ale!

Los Angeles is a city of possibilities and unique experiences. So go watch some turtles race, taste avocado beer and try to catch up to Justin Bieber on the trails. Try something new and fun without having to spend much – if anything – on your adventure.