So you’re planning a night out in LA and the big question comes up: where should you go for drinks? You could hit up the local places that everyone has already been to or heard of, or you could try one of LA’s awesome hidden bars. Read on to find out which bars in LA are little known and a little tricky to get into.

Photo Credit: Larry C. on Yelp

Good Times at Davey Wayne’s
Did you just walk up to a garage sale or someone’s old house? Nope, you’re at Davey Wayne’s – a retro bar that will take you all the way back to your younger days – or before you were even born! This place is decked out in awesome 70’s furniture and décor and has some great drinks to go along with the groovy atmosphere. We will give you a hint for how to get into the bar… open the refrigerator to get a drink.

1611 N. El Centro Ave., Hollywood

Lock & Key
After entering Lock & key, you may think you stepped into a doorknob section of a hardware store or some strange art installment, but you are in the right place. The walls are covered with doorknob handles, and only one knob allows you access into this speakeasy-style bar. We won’t give you the answer as to which knob will open the door to delicious cocktails and food – we will let you have fun doing that.

239 S. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles

R Bar
Getting into R Bar is a surefire way to impress your friends and make yourself look like you have exclusive access to this hipster karaoke and live music bar. The bar is easily located with an R on the outside of the building – we aren’t sure exactly what the R stands for – but you will need a password to enter. Make sure to check the bar’s Facebook and Twitter before you leave to make sure you have the correct password.

3331 W. 8th Street, Los Angeles

The Slipper Clutch
Nothing makes you feel more like you’re going to a real speakeasy than having to go through another place of business to get to it first. To access The Slipper Clutch, go into Bar Clacson first. After you are in, follow the neon “highballs” sign to the back and keep walking until you reach a room that feels like you just took a time machine back to the 80’s. Don’t forget to play a little pinball while you sip on your drink!

351 S Broadway, Los Angeles

Birds and Bees
The address to Birds and Bees is deceiving since access to the bar is actually at 215 South Broadway. Don’t be alarmed if the door takes you into a sketchy concrete tunnel; this is the right way to the bar. You’ll know when you’ve arrived at the right place when you see an industrial-style area with people… and a bar, of course.

207 S. Broadway, Los Angeles

Now that you have all of the keys to the best secret bars in LA, you can up your night out the game from good drinks to drinks with an unforgettable experience. Don’t forget, if it looks like you went the wrong way, you’re definitely going the right way to these bars.