The New Beverley theatre has layers of charm to it. For one thing, this is a historic cinema. The building has been around since the twenties, opening first as a candy store, then as a vaudeville theatre.

It would have one more incarnation as a nightclub before finally settling into life as a Los Angles indie theatre in the 1950s.

However, even after assuming its final form, the road was still rocky. The venue would change hands many times over the years, often reimaging its image in the process. For a while, it specialized in foreign films, which is fun right?

After that, it switched to showing pornography.

Don’t worry, the New Beverly is family friendly again, or at least as family friendly as a theatre owned by Quentin Tarantino can be.

Maybe we buried the lead.

Yeah, that’s right. Many people’s favorite indie filmmaker (if you can call someone whose first film starred Steve Buscemi an indie filmmaker) owns one of the most historic cinemas in LA. Kind of gives it an extra wow factor, right?

Screenings are eclectic and seem to center around anything Tarantino is feeling at the time. All films are showed in 35mm which is a fun twist in the digital age.