The Nuart theatre is not a Los Angles indie theatre in the strictest sense of the world. This is actually the mothership location for a moderately sized chain of theaters spread along the western region of the United States.

However, the Los Angles Nuart theatre location has a couple of important factors that give it a distinctly historic and indie feel.

This is partly due to the fact that it actually is in a historic building. The Nuart theatre first opened for business in 1929 and has been showing films ever since.

While this venue is not owned by any film icons, it does benefit simply from being a good time.

The Nuart has always had a flair for the unique, doing fun things like commissioning a “no-smoking” warning for the theatre that stars John Watters. Incidentally, Watters advises the audience to feel free to smoke anyway.

Even today they still provide a unique experience, offering weekly midnight showings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show where fun-loving theatergoers can get their weird on.

The Nuart focuses on art house films, which is certainly a refreshing change.