What do I mean?

Hollywood, New York, and Atlanta remain diverse, financial powerhouses for the country. The three locations attract young talent from across the world.

Creat by: Devin Wesley (IG / Website)

Honestly, in LA, it shows. You can’t visit anywhere without a “fit” or two that you can call your own.
Most look online or to boutique stores like GLD that have strong branding and a quality product.

Viewers are showing that they feel the same way about their content. Zeus network decided to connect with Influencers in LA that already had huge followings on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It’s a boutique network who is proving the value of artists without huge studio support.

One new show, by real-life friends LaLaMilan and BlameitOnKway, is proving that the market is there for more than just antics. Their creativity is being recognized on a national stage. Check out the trailer to their show that premiered this fall, Titi, Do You Love Me? (NSFW).

Kway and Lala are proving that closeness to culture is the apex of original content.

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