It’s interesting to observe that the colder seasons are when all the special holiday meals are lined up one after another.

First, there was Halloween, in which even though you were too old for trick o’ treat, you still decided to buy a bag of mixed candies for childhood nostalgia’s sake. So you gorged on mini snickers bars, three musketeers, and butterfingers.

Just when you promised yourself to go on a diet to make up for all that consumed sugar, Thanksgiving came. That’s just a meal that you cannot skip. Stuffings, marshmallow yams and mashed potatoes (in which the secret ingredient is lots and lots of sour cream) piled high on your plate as you contemplated whether to go for a second serving of pumpkin pie. The answer is yes, of course. And don’t forget the whipped cream.

You go do Soulcycle the next morning, thinking you can burn off all those calories. You feel good afterward, but on your way back home, you pass by three different cafes and bakeries and couldn’t help to stare in wonderment at all the special pastries and beverages made for the holiday seasons. You decided to buy an eggnog latte and a peppermint bark chocolate cookie. In between now and Christmas, you would be faced with a plethora of specialized seasonal desserts that look oh so precious.

Christmas finally came. Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, and the rum spiced fruit cake sat on the impeccably decorated table, waiting for you. Your mom decided to invite the Changs, who just moved in next door, and somehow potstickers also made an appearance on the table. “Potstickers?! They’re not even Christmas related,” you anxiously reviewed in your head. “What the heck,” you sighed and went for fifteen of those golden, delicious morsels, which you picked up with chopsticks in one hand, while the other hand held on to the fork, simultaneously lifting a chunk of roast beef, with all its fat trimmings intact, into your mouth.

What to do? Sweat it out.

Here are some of Los Angeles’ best sweat out spots to help you detox all that sugar and calories from your system.


The Wall – Mid-City

The Wall offers high-intensity interval training paired with motivational music to inject you with a burst of the adrenaline rush. The signature classes combine core exercises with circuit training and indoor cycling, all set in a sleek and chic atmosphere that befits the LA lifestyle (or at least the Instagram version of that lifestyle). This is the to-go workout place if you wanted to be surrounded by toned bodies and lean figures.

HotBox Infrared Sauna Studio – Downtown

At each Hotbox sauna session, you sit for 45 minutes inside your own sauna suite, which comes with an iPod and vitamin-C infused rain shower. What’s more is you can even choose to cast a colored light based on your mood.

The Sweat Spot – Silver Lake

The name suggests it all. Offering a range of styles, from pop to contemporary, you’ll be sure to get a good workout as you twerk to the tunes of Beyonce. The instructors are all professional dancers who choreograph the best dance moves to make you shine out your inner Madonna. Very popular is the Sweaty Sundays, an all-levels, all-ages, free-form community dance class that never fails to lift your spirits.


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