I’m going to blow your mind for a second.

Are you ready?

It’s normally cheaper to fly into LA than smaller airports. You get it, bulk buying drives down the cost… so why haven’t you taken advantage of it yet? Look now if you don’t believe me!

Smog? No Thank you! Muggy! Please no. I get it, but these are MISCONCEPTIONS about LA. Don’t get me wrong, smog is real and it is a concern… but spend three days imagining you’re in a college bar and you’ll be fine. Haha. Come see what’s happening here. I bet it’ll surprise you.

  1. Advances in Technology – Virgin Galactic / Hyperloop

Have you heard about Richard Branson and his Space Tourism project? Fortune Magazine reported about the successful launch of their most recent Spaceship. 

Virgin Galactic headquarters is just 90 minutes outside of LA, in Mojave and it’s quickly set itself apart for the government contracts it has won and the progress they’ve made in such a short time. Branson told reporters that he’d take the trip to Space himself halfway through 2019. (source CNBC)

That’s not the only high tech project happening around LA. Right now, there’s a small tunnel and hyperloop demo track in Los Angeles preparing to open.

It may not be accurate to say that everyone’s excited. But speaking as someone who currently rides scooters to avoid the traffic. A kid is grateful. Once it opens on the 18th, the public will be able to experience the whole thing.

Want to see it yourself? Book a flight, or get a hotel. Either can be done right here… and if you purchase using this link, you can see additional deals and discounts. Visiting LA is really a keystroke (and credit card payment) away 🤩


2)  Your Faves in One Place

I did that. We’re bringing Rhyming back in 2019.

Tinseltown isn’t the only place to see celebrities. Hollywood is great, (and you will see people there) but you can honestly find your favs from Culver City all the way to the Hills.

How to find them?

Focus on finding YOUR people. If you’re a Hype Beast or sneakerhead, head to the Flight Club store on Fairfax and you’re guaranteed to see a model or musician. Even easier… most of the influencers you know and love have 9 to 5’s in the area. They are literally filming on the streets for a regular paycheck and views.

So, if you have someone you’d like to meet, check out some of these influencers. Chances are, there’s a comedy show or event they’ll be hosting soon.

Here are a couple of note to look out for

King Bach

One of the highest energy influencers out there, King Bach has a small empire… and it’s not only in LA. The Canadian born actor-comedian is known online for the cheap laughs and his “each one, teach one” attitude.

Canada is in North America, so I’ll use the African-American Proverb. His collaborations have helped other influencers grow and Sprite sell more soda. Amen.

Did you know that most of the videos made are done at regular-degular houses around LA? On any given sunny day, you can see film crews all over the city. There are even some themed places available for short term rent. See if you can find one from Hotels.com by clicking here.


Gracie Mercedes


Dominican-American costar of popular Youtube series called my White Boyfriend. Their videos have hundreds of thousands of views. She’s also a popular fashion influencer with just under 78k followers on Instagram and a ton of new credits on IMDB.

If you’re considering a visit to the city to see your favorites perform or to make it big yourself… you should take the leap. LA is always changing and you’ll never see the same city you left.

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3)  Incredible Content Starts HERE

What do I mean?

Hollywood, New York, and Atlanta remain diverse, financial powerhouses for the country. The three locations attract young talent from across the world.

Citation – https://www.instagram.com/devinwesleyy/

Honestly, in LA, it shows. You can’t visit anywhere without a “fit” or two that you can call your own.

Most look online or to boutique stores like GLD that have strong branding and a quality product.
Viewers are showing that they feel the same way about their content. Zeus network decided to connect with Influencers in LA that already had huge followings on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It’s a boutique network who is proving the value of artists without huge studio support.
One new show, by real-life friends LaLaMilan and BlameitOnKway, is proving that the market is there for more than just antics. Their creativity is being recognized on a national stage. Check out the trailer to their show that premiered this fall, “Titi, Do You Love Me? (NSFW).

Kway and Lala are proving that closeness to culture is the apex of original content.

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Try out LA! Whether you visit during the holiday season or during the Spring… you’ll have a great time!