A Pornstar's Guide to LA: Joanna Angel

A Pornstar's Guide to LA: Joanna Angel joanna-angel-guide-to-la-featured

After living bi-coastal for several years, adult film actress and entrepreneur Joanna Angel finally settled into life in LA about four years ago. From Sherman Oaks, she manages Burning Angel, an award-winning production company and website focusing on alt-models that match her tattooed, pierced and pretty look. New for 2015, Angel is unveiling a BDSM line in collaboration with the Stockroom, featuring restraints and accessories in her signature colors of hot pink and black. In addition to the Stockroom's flagship store on the Sunset Strip, the line will be available at Hustler Hollywood, where Joanna Angel will make an appearance on January 30. We caught up with her to discuss the new line and some of her favorite hangouts in LA. How long have you lived in LA and which neighborhood do you call home? It's sort of complicated. Eight years ago was when I had my first home in LA, but I was bi-coastal, going back and forth between LA and NYC. Since I was traveling so much I equated LA with work and NYC as home. LA finally felt like home to me when I stopped my bi-coastal life about four years ago. I live in Sherman Oaks now and I feel very at home here. I truly never thought I would. It was a tough transition, but I have no regrets. What do you like most about your hood? I like that it's pretty central to everything. If I go downtown or to Hollywood, it's not to far, and if I have to go to Chatsworth or Woodland Hills, it's not that bad, as well. There's also a very cheap place to park your car in Van Nuys when you're heading to the airport. Is that really lame?! Also, there's a lot of new bars and restaurants here that I feel comfortable hanging out at. I don't have to get all decked out like I do when I'm in Hollywood. I like it better than being say, in the middle of Reseda, where everyone kind of looks like they're dead. Without sounding too lame, I feel like people don't try so hard to be cool here, but they are still pretty cool. It's a great place for a person in their mid-30s to live (yeah, I am in my mid 30s. Don't judge!). You're not up in the mix, but you're not so far from it either. You're known as the "punk rock porn actress" what are some of your favorite spots to catch a show? I will admit, most of my punk roots are in New York and I am not a seasoned professional on the scene here but The Satellite is great. The Troubadour, the Viper Room, the Echo, Bootleg Theatre and Molly Malone's are just a few that I have been to. The Federal is a great bar in North Hollywood. I have gone there for a drink and stumbled on some really rad small bands by accident. They were not really punk bands, but they were still good. What's the last great local concert or club party you went to? I saw my good friend Chantal Claret play at The Satellite. Everyone should see her live, her recorded music is great but it doesn't do her justice. She puts on a better live show than artists I have seen in arenas. Go watch her play now because she is too big time for small venues. What was your last tattoo in LA and where did you go to get it? Does Long Beach count? I have gotten a lot of work done at Port City tattoo in Long Beach. I love that shop and would recommend anyone to go there. It's owned by someone I met at True Tattoo in Hollywood, which is also a good shop and is actually in LA. I have also been tattooed at Bob Robert's Spotlight tattoo, which I think is a very iconic old tattoo shop. Do you have any other favorite spots for ink in LA? Vintage Tattoo in Highland Park is also a good one! You just launched your own BDSM link with the stockroom. What inspired that project? I've always admired the way Stockroom made BDSM and Fetish gear so high-end and sexy, designer like. I've used Stockroom clothing for shoots in the past and have gone to their parties. I really love the store and the lifestyle that surrounds their store. A close friend of mine became creative director (Juanito Blanco) and told me part of his job was to start new projects for the company, so we came up with the idea to start a Joanna Angel bondage line. My line is all hot pink and black, my signature colors. It's vibrant and colorful. A lot of bondage beginners are taking interest in it, which is really cool. It's packaged and marketed very differently than the other stockroom products but still fits in with what they do. Any tips for people in LA interested in getting into the BDSM scene? Go to one of the Boulet Brothers Black Unicorn parties, they are awesome! You can go there and get spanked, have your master walk you around on a leash or you can go there all dolled up in a gown and heels and drink cocktails and just chill and enjoy the show. It's a great party! You directed your last DVD Bikini Babes Are… Sharkbait. Without giving up too many details, tell us about that project. It's my own little grindhouse homage to cheesy shark movies and cheesy bikini/beach movies. The movie is very funny and the main character is a shark who—wait for it.... LIVES IN A SWIMMING POOL. How did it get there? Well, one really hot girl was angry with another really hot girl, so she bought a baby shark on the Internet that expands when it hits chlorine. In a nutshell, after the shark comes to life a bunch of hot girls in bikinis have sex, and then get eaten by a shark. It's basically the next Citizen Kane. Where do you like to shop for on-set and off-set outfits? Aside from online? I love Bizzy B in Hollywood, for slutty clothes. That woman makes some amazing stripper/porno clothes. A lot of times I buy movie clothing at Iguana, they have a little of everything. Iguana finally opened a Studio City location and I was stoked, since it's a lot closer to me. It was a very exciting day when that happened. For "regular" clothes I like Top Shop, The Lip Service/ Original Cult outlet (Unfortunately, it recently closed down, but I loved it there). I like Wasteland, Glitter Death and I also occasionally go to Santee Alley and visit those small random stores that don't really have names a few times a year. Sometimes I come back with nothing and sometimes I'll leave with more than I can fit in my car. It's hit or miss over there. We noticed some home-cooking photos on your blog. When you're not slaving away in the kitchen, where do you like to go out to eat? I love the Local Peasant. It's around the corner from me, and it's my regular spot these days. There's a new place down the street from me called the Woodman that I also like. the Boneyard is also awesome if I feel like being in a major food coma. When I want to venture out of the valley there's a little burger place downtown called Escondite, which I love. I can eat enough calories there to last me a month. I snagged a table at Bestia downtown recently and it was just as good as everyone said. That means a lot coming from me since I'm picky about Italian food, coming from NYC. You've also posted photos from a recent hike. Where do you like to work out? I like Fryman Canyon for hiking. When I hike I run until I get tired. I have gotten pretty close, but one day I will be able to run Fryman in its entirety. I actually trained with some marathon runners and we ran down the beach in Marina Del Rey. I lasted for about 10 miles. It was a beautiful run. I also frequently go to Pop Physique, it's a great sculpting/barre class. I also go to Barry's Bootcamp sometimes. Where are three spots everyone in LA should visit? The Stockroom—this is not a shameless plug, everyone should really go there! Varnish—they do make the best cocktail. The Tonga Hut—the best tiki bar. What's LA's best kept secret? Hmm, I don't know—the Robin Hood? It's the British Pub down the street from me, and it's awesome. Its very unassuming and never crowded, with good food that is moderately priced and they have awesome Trivia nights that are really fun. Shit, Now it won't be a secret anymore! Don't ruin my local bar! For a good time, Call… Who calls anyone these days? Joanna Angel will make an appearance at Hustler Hollywood on Jan. 30. More info.
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