LA's Best Late Night Spots

LA's Best Late Night Spots la-best-late-night-spots

LA's best late night spots let creatures of the night keep the party going past the 2am last-call witching hour that haunts most LA clubs and bars. Nightlife in LA is world famous with celebrities and pretty young things enjoying mild weather and hot clubs all year. However, even with all benefits, the one major downside to nightlife in Los Angeles is everything closes at 2am (New Yorkers and Europeans are quick to point this out). A lot of people just aren’t ready to call it a night that early, and they don’t always have to. A few late-night hangouts are here to help. Keep the party going: “You don’t have to go home, but you’ve got to get the hell out of here,” is the overall bar/club vibe when the clock strikes 2am. The lights come on, drinks are quickly collected out of patrons' hands and bouncers rush people out the door. While no venue can serve alcohol after 2am, there are places that keep the beats going late into the night. Downtown partiers can make their way to Exchange LA, where the action doesn’t stop until 3am on Fridays and 6am on Saturdays. In Hollywood, Create and Sound both keep their doors open until 4am on Fridays and Saturdays. For those who want to push the party even later, there’s Avalon, which stays open until 3am on Thursdays, 5am on Fridays and 8am on Saturdays. Late night munchies: Eating late in LA is awesome, and there are a wide variety of options in almost every part of town. Many would agree, diner food just tastes better after a night out with a few drinks. Plus, many are open 24 hours, so people can feel free to stay awhile. The Hollywood and West Hollywood crowd can venture to Kitchen 24 and Mel’s Diner. There’s also Swinger’s in Hollywood (open until 4 am everyday) and Santa Monica (open until 3 am on weekends). They have plenty of options for meat-eaters, vegetarians and even vegans. The Pantry is located downtown and has been serving late night feasts since 1924, for those who want some history with their hashbrowns. For hipsters on the Eastside, there’s Fred 62 in Los Feliz. One of our favorite late night diners, Canter’s Deli, is a Hollywood landmark and can be seen in Curb Your Enthusiasm, Mad Men and Swingers. There are also places to go if diner food isn’t what stomachs are craving. Berri’s Café is known for its pizza (it even has a lobster pizza), but there’s a variety of options on the menu. It's open and delivers locally until 4am. Bossa Nova has three locations throughout LA. Hours vary at each location, but the Brazilian chain delivers and stays open late into the night. Make your own Party: For people wanting to push their boundaries a bit, there’s Max Karaoke Studio,  with locations downtown and West LA open until  4am on weekends. Private karaoke rooms are great for small groups and visitors can bring their own food and drinks (for a small fee). Chillax all Night: The club scene can be a grind, and sometimes people just want to relax after a night out on the town. Wi Spa is a 24 hour spa in Koreatown with a co-ed area, as well as areas designated for men and women. Guests can enjoy spas, Jacuzzis, saunas, a gym, a restaurant, massages and more. An early bird coupon is available online for anyone entering the spa from 4am to 10am. Century Day & Night Spa is another 24 hour spa that randomly brings golf into the mix. Amenities include a driving range, an indoor swimming pool, a restaurant and a juice bar. Services include swimming and golf lessons along with massages and skin treatments. The Best Late Night Downtown LA Party Spots  
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