$300 Data Recovery

As the highest rated data recovery company, $300 Data Recovery offers affordable flat-fee data recovery services for all bad, dead, and dying hard drives. Pre-determined rates, no-data, no-charge, 85% of our customers pay $300 for data recovery.

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Can we recover your data? If you'd like a detailed assessment of your chances for a successful recovery with us, please fill out our Chances form: http://300dollardatarecovery.com/your-chances-for-a-successful-recovery/.


5 Reasons We’re The Highest Rated Data Recovery Company:

1) We recover clicking, liquid/fire damaged, completely “dead” hard drives, and many more.

2) We have low, fixed rates: $300, $400, or $500.

3) Our rates are pre-determined and independent of the problem with your drive.

4) You pay $0 if we can’t recover any of your data.*

5) 85% of our customers pay just $300 to get back their files.**

*Excluding our “open cover fee,” if applicable.
**Excluding shipping and a transfer drive, if required.

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