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Private Investigator in Los Angeles, (818) 990-2555, A&E detective Group Inc., a full-service private investigation firm…

Indeed we take pride of our extensive network of expert professional investigators throughout the country as well as at different parts of the world.

Hal Glover and Marwan Mohtadi co-founded A&E Detective Group in 1994, specializing in criminal investigations before extending to the numerous private investigation services the company provides today. Prior to forming A&E, Mr. Glover served as an investigator with the National Security Administration and the Naval Security Group. Mr. Mohtadi was a Chief Investigator with an international investigation group conducting specialized investigations in the United States.Under the leadership of our expert founders A&E Detective Group has extended its horizon to a wide gamut of investigative operations like conducting asset search, debt collection and judgment recovery, workers’ compensation fraud, cheating spouse investigation, investigating internet fraud, tracking down deadbeat parents, child custody matters, criminal and civil litigation, international investigation and insurance fraud to name a few.
We have a team of extremely efficient, experienced and well-trained private investigators who are licensed and have the authority to undertake all sorts of specialized detective services.

In short we at A&E Detective Group Inc. have the requisite experience, training, and discretion to design and implement specialized detective services to meet your specific requirements.

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