A Frame

Some people disparage A-Frame for just giving you some demented combination of bar foods. Other people love it because, well, it gives you some demented combination of bar food. "If you want incredibly sophisticated food, don't go to A-Frame. If you want

Follow Roy Choi into a place where you can dine daily in the mess hall where the bartenders study up on sitting you down with the perfect drink. House-made infusions, muddled herbs and fresh-pressed juices wait for careful and quick hands to buddy them up with brainy-but-earnest selection of mezcals, tequilas, rums, gins, scotch whiskeys and vodka. Leave pretentious at the door while enjoying a space as beautiful as the flavors that are served to you. From Furikake popcorn to lemongrass-scented chowder and Chef Roy's homage to the Korean-owned burger stands holding it down in the heart of LA, it's a place where sharing plates are encouraged between comrades and strangers and utensils are optional. So whether you want to sit at the bar, a long picnic table or gather 'round a good bonfire out on the patio to cuddle, good food and good stories are bound to transpire.