Abs Power Brake Incorporated

The Manufacturer of High Quality, High Performance Disc Brake Conversions, High-Tech Boosters & Master Cylinders. Including The Unique Electric High Power Master.

Welcome to ABS Power Brake, Inc.
... where you'll find the most innovative brake systems tailored to your needs.

Abs Power Brake, Inc. has been in the brake and power steering rebuilding business since 1979. ABS has been there to see the latest from manufacturers like GM, Ford, Chrysler aven our friend in Europe and Japan. ABS Power Brake has been committed to providing quality products and will continue to do so, thanks to you! Our valued customers!

Because of our customers, we have accepted the challenge of correcting many problems experienced with classics, hot rods, and customs. Most of the time the biggest problem we see is that the equipment is mis-matched. That's where ABS Power Brake, Inc. comes in.

Whatever your application may be, restored classic, show truck, wild custom rod, or full blown race car, ABS Power Brake has the correct products to create a safe and powerful braking system.What sets ABS apart from all other performance brake kit manufacturers??

Unlike most all other performance brake manufacturers, ABS designs and foundry-casts many of their own aluminum master cylinders with internal proportioning valves for their performance brake kits. This allows them to control the bore size, port size and placement and absolute compatibility with their other components designed for your ride. We also build a diameter-selection of vacuum boosters and a complete line of other re-manufactured brake components for other companies, all made in the USA. How did we gain all this experience over most all other manufacturers? Since 1991 ABS has been a major brake parts manufacturing company in Orange County , California. Basically, we are the local brake shops "brake shop". They assists an Army of brake shops by solving their problems and providing them with innovative products that solve each individual production car's problem. This is what makes the American Brake and Steering performance brake system some of the most unique and best performing systems available in the aftermarket. And, we can solve and create just about any new product not shown in the catalog 2014. Let us help you with any unique requirements and your "unsolvable" brake problems.