Age Of Aquariums

Age of Aquariums, a retail store in California, offers aquarium design, installation and maintenance services.

Age of Aquariums in California has been designing, building, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining custom bespoke fish tanks and aquariums for over 25 years. We are leaders in aquarium architecture, manufacture, installation, and maintenance. Whatever be your aquarium requirements, we’ll be able to realize your imagination within your budget. Our retail store in Long Beach supplies everything for the aquarist. We have everything you need for any aquarium, be it planted aquascape, livestock or freshwater tropical community.
Our extensive range of aquariums include: acrylic aquariums, glass aquariums, CAD mini aquariums, innovative marine and red sea aquariums, and other nano aquariums. We have all the accessories you might need including air equipments, controllers, feeding equipment, plumbing supplies, filtration equipment, lighting, and much more! From fish food and supplements to livestock and planted tank supplies, if it is related to aquariums, it is never out of reach for us!
We have a reputation for quality services from installation and maintenance of home aquariums, to full design and build project management of large scale commercial projects across Southern California. Freshwater or marine, if you are thinking about a fish tank or aquarium then come and visit us! We even offer online sales of all kinds of aquariums and aquarium supplies.

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