All Back & Joint Care Medical Group,Inc

Full facility with the State of the Art advanced technologies and procedures, such as high intense level laser therapy, lymphotouch to reduce local swelling from acute sports related swelling,(Vax-D)Vertebral Axial Decompression for herniated discs

Dr. Maryann Sheps is both a Chiropractor and A Physician Assistant, specializing in Orthopedic Medicine, Sports related Injuries, and Physical Medicine Rehabilitation and Therapies, as well as Chiropractic Care.
Her blended medical approach involves care of the patient in a non-invasive, maximal therapeutic plan of care with the option of more invasive procedures as needed. Care can include acute fractures, muscle tears, tendon repairs, ligament tears, soft tissue repair and treatments, casting/splinting/bracing, laser therapy for pain related to musculoskeletal conditions, Diagnostic studies accessable including xrays or C-arm on premises, KoreBalance increasing joint strength and rehab,
trigger point injections, medicinal patches, topical homeopathic or medicinal creams, nutritional supplementation for muscle/bone/joint support, and Forms of Kinesio/KT/Rock taping. Should surgical intervention be neccessary or an option, several Supervising Surgeons are on staff to coordinate the the surgery at and outpatient facility or local hospital.This is a full service facility, multi-specialty geared to a more natural, non invasive approach with many. many options for patient care