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Angara - The Gemstone Destination

Genuine, reliable and reasonably priced gemstone jewelry is available online at, the online jewelry store. We claim that we have one of the best stores that offer the loose gemstones as well as gemstone jewelry at the best price in the industry. As for the credentials of this store, it is being managed by a family that has been in the jewelry trade for three generations. Simply put at Angara we live and breathe gemstones and fine jewelry.

We all know that buying precious gemstones is not easy and for someone who loves these gems but has little or no knowledge about them it becomes even more difficult. Anyone can get confused with market flooded with cheap replicas of precious stones and jewelry and even experts say that if one is not careful they may end up paying an exuberant cost something worthless.

However, when you buying something from, you just can always count on us and we will never ever misappropriate the value. We have a guarantee for every purchase that simply showcases our confidence in our quality. According to us if any accredited jewelry appraiser values the jewelry piece purchased from Angara for less than 150% of the purchase price or even writes that the craftsmanship is not of exceptional quality, we promise to refund 110% of the purchase price (up to an additional $250 refund).

Another reason why Angara is one of the best options is the experience we have in this trade as a traditional jeweler family. So, we can help you find or create the jewelry piece of your dreams. Just in case, you don’t find what you were looking for on the website, all you have to do is to dial 888 926 4272 tell our team and we will find or create your piece. Finally all we have to say is what thousands of our satisfied customers say that if we can't source it at than it only means that it doesn't exist.

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