Arena Cinema

Arena Cinema

Single Screen for exhibition, screening events, one-two week theatrical runs, premieres, cast and crew screenings, press screenings, focus groups and much more.

Arena Cinema was formally a part of the historic Egyptian theater, and in the 1970s and 80s was known to Los Angeles moviegoers as Egyptian 2 and 3, an extension of the main theatre. In the early 90's, when United Artists gave up on the Egyptian complex, 2 and 3 became a theater while the Egyptian would endure a renovation led by the American Cinemateque. For the last three months the venue has been a shared stage and screen space, but begins cinema only programming beginning November 30th with two new films.

Voltaire Media led by Christian Meoli has reopened the cinema in true DIY fashion keeping in the spirit of independent films that the Arena will exhibit.

Arena Cinema has new seating, new sound, HD projection plus streaming ability on a 20 foot widescreen that caters to multiple aspect ratios, all while being able to maintain the venues original aesthetic design that United Artists set-up back in the early '70's.

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