Battleship Iowa Museum Admission in Los Angeles

Battleship Iowa Museum Admission In Los Angeles

Explore a real battleship at Los Angeles’ Battleship Iowa Museum, touted as the World's Greatest Naval Ship and the West Coast’s only battleship open to the public. Bring the family along for a fun, unique, educational experience that takes you along the decks of a battleship that was used for more than 50 years and was an unprecedented leader in its class. On your self-guided tour, explore fascinating interactive exhibits such as a virtual aerial combat game!

The Battleship Iowa Museum is located on the waterfront in San Pedro, a port city in Los Angeles. Bring the whole family along for a day at this unique educational museum and attraction.

The Battleship Iowa served the US for more than 50 years, and is touted as the World’s Greatest Naval Ship due to its big guns, heavy armor, speed, longevity and modern technology. It is the last lead ship of any class of US battleships and was the only ship of its class to have served in the Atlantic Ocean during World War II.

As you walk along the wooden decks of the battleship, you’ll see what life must have been like for a sailor during World War II, the Korean War or the Cold War. Explore ammunition areas, missile decks, bridges and the captain’s cabin, and enjoy educational and interactive exhibits such as a virtual aerial combat game in the ship’s below-deck theater.

You’ll also learn some important maritime history, including the interesting fact that no other battleship in America’s history has been host to more US presidents, including Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and George H W Bush.

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