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Here you will find good tips and ideas how to improve your Internet experience and promote your Business. Feel free to respond with your questions.----- From E-Commerce to Content Management, BIAGO MEDIA we do YOUR Website !

Using a complete line of E-Commerce, SEO Marketing and web design practices, Biago Media offers everything you need to create a true online presence for your company. Using effective tools and web design techniques that have proven to be highly effective, the Los Angeles webdesign firm is dedicated to providing truly exceptional service that meets all of your E-Commerce and marketing needs. Biago Media has a proven track record of providing high quality web design services that are affordable and customized to suit each of your business needs, so that your website truly stands up against the competition and allows you to become a leader in your business field. Whether your business needs website design, E-Commerce, Los Angeles SEO services, Biago Media can provide your company the means to make your website professional and profitable for years to come. Biago Media Services is a web design and development company. We build our sites tailored to our customers needs. No matter if the goal is to promote a business or service. We put you and your business on the net, fast, and efficiently.

We use up-to-date technology with high end design for all our websites. Our staff will satisfy your every need, may it be functionality, design or performance. We have experience in a variety of websites, including but not limited to: E-Commerce, CMS (content management systems), informative and promotional sites. We use up-to-date technology like Ajax, Php, MySQL and Flash. We also promote your site using proven SEO techniques, PPC (pay per click), link exchange.

We have a variety of services to help you present your company.

1. E-Commerce website: You can sell goods on the internet either wholesale or retail, or both. We custom design your website to match your specific business plan.

2. Informational/Service website; With the internet being the new yellow pages, it is a business necessity, regardless of the industry, to have a website. We do content management systems (of special interest to non profit organizations) to do registrations, upload event pictures, and discussion forums.

3. E-bay: Are you interested in selling on e-bay but not sure how to start? Our consultants will show how to set up and lead your e-bay store.

4. Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO: We have specific codes, optimize your site, set up ad words and creating extensive site content, to help you appear on search engines such as google and yahoo.