Big Block

We are creative storytellers and problem solvers who collaborate with clients, partners and brands to engage users through interactive and social media experiences.

Launched in 2011, Big Block is a digital production studio specializing in digital automotive content, VFX, design and finishing for feature films, television, commercials, gaming, interactive, branded online content and mobile platforms. The studio is home to an award-winning production and creative team. A key component of Big Block’s car-centric focus is our software development group, which generates new techniques to extend and evolve our production capabilities across the creative landscape. A prime example is our driving simulator, a proprietary driving simulation software, which parallels the physics of driving in real time 3D and allows virtual cars to seamlessly interact with live action environments.Like us on Twitter: @Big_BlockLA

New York Office: 110 E 25th Street, New York, NY 10010