Blue Marble Language Academy

We are a language immersion school offering parent 'n me, and kindergarten preparatory classes, as well as after-school enrichment program. All classes are conducted in an immersion setting of the target language and teachers are all native speakers.

We currently offer Mandarin Chinese immersion classes for preschool age children age 1.5 to 5. Classes are offered daily with options of 2, 3 or 5 days per week in 8 week sessions. Parent 'n me classes for age 1.5-3 are 45 mins long, kindergarten preparatory classes for age 3-5 are 2 hours, and after-school enrichment program for grade K-3.

Our location is half a block from Broadway Elementary School. For Broadway students enrolled in our after-school program, we will escort the students from their classrooms to our school. Our program include Chinese homework help and tutoring, in addition to other fun learning activities.

Spanish immersion classes will be coming soon.

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