Bluecat International LLC

Bluecat International Llc

We are a local business and our highly skilled and professional team are here to offer you a comprehensive treatment service. We guarantee a high level of service at all times, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands when you choose us.

Filmmaking is our passion. We enjoy the entire creative process, from developing the initial concept to capturing the raw footage on set and finally to shaping the end product with editing, effects, and color correction. As a client, you never have to worry about the technical challenges of the production process, because we confidently guide the project from concept to delivery so that you can focus your energy on creative collaboration. Trust the pros at Bluecat International LLC.

Cameras, Lighting, Microphones, Projectors, Props, Sound Systems

Concept Development, Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, Location Scouting, Location Scouting, Costume Design, Set Design, Permits, Talent Releases, Insurance, Production Management, Cast/Crew, Background Talent, Equipment, Location Services, Makeup/Wardrobe, Sets/Props, Film/Video/Photography, Catering/Craft Services, Behind-The-Scenes, EPK Production, DIT Services, Editing, Color Correction, Animation, Digital Effects, Compositing, Titles/Motion Graphics, Music Composition, Sound Design, Mixing,Client Review, DVD Authoring

Video Production, Wedding Videos, Bar Mitzvah Videos, Corporate Videos, Web Commercials, Wedding Cinematography, Event Videos

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