Boba Bear West La

Boba Bear is a unique cafe and hookah bar in LA serving delicious boba milk tea, tasty snacks and a great variety of hookah flavors.

Boba Bear introduces a cultured experience to West Los Angeles, serving delicious teas, hookah and delicacies from opposite corners of the world. Our drinks are spectacular, and our hookah is allegedly the best in town. Enjoy our friendly, laid-back atmosphere and comfortable cafe-style seating as you sip on a cup of our famous boba tea or try out a unique hookah flavor.

We boast an impressive selection of hookah, from familiar favorites such as Mint, Melon or Strawberry to more adventurous options such as Safari Melondew, Blue Mist, Tiramisu and more. The quality of our hookah is unmatched, and we always make sure to keep our equipment clean so the flavors always taste fresh. As you might have guessed by our name, we specialize in boba tea of all flavors, from Banana, Coffee or Honey to Mango or Taro. We also serve tasty coffee drinks, smoothies and iced tea as well.

Stop by in the afternoon to enjoy a low-key, relaxing atmosphere, or stay late to experience the atmosphere getting more lively as the night goes on. It’s no wonder why customers quickly become regulars, and regulars become friends.