Brazilian Samba Angels Carnival Show

Samba Dancers, Samba Shows, Drummers, Capoeira, Brazilian Dj's and Brazilian Bands - Brazilian Samba Angels will take you and your guests to a Magical Brazilian World... where Great Energy is Abundant, Beauty is Supreme, and Joy is a Necessity.

Brazilian Samba Angel is the perfect combination of cultural excitement, vibrant energy and exotic beauty.
Our authentic Brazilian performers will bring life to your party and transform it into a magical experience.
Our beautiful Sambistas (Samba Dancers) and theirs rich and colorful samba costumes will bring a tropical and happy feeling that your party need with a class and professionalism that you and your guests deserve.
Our amazing Capoeira (martial art dance) guys will perform their acrobatics jumps that will bring you party to a top level.​
Our Drummers will play with the full Brazilian energy where will be impossible not to dance.
Our Dj's have the most complete Brazilian music selection that goes from garota de Ipanema to Mais Que Nada songs.
Our Brazilian Bands are prepared to put everybody to dance and make your party a successful event.

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