Burn Cycle

Burn Cycle

Burn Cycle Inc. is a fitness studio offering a variety of indoor cycling classes aka "spin" classes.

The cycling studio is designed with a chest-thumping surround sound music system, stadium seating floor plan, and synchronized dance floor lighting resembling a hip Los Angeles nightclub.

Burn Cycle ride heightens the senses, energizes, and invigorates the riders and motivates them to push to levels they didn't know they could achieve. Indoor cycling is as high-powered as any aerobics class. In fact, a 50-minute ride burns an average of 500-800 calories.

If you have never tried it, indoor cycling is a great, low-impact way to burn a bunch of calories while listening to some fabulous music and riding with some great people. We welcome any and all types of riders from the "never tried it" to the "I'd die without it".We are a non-membership fitness studio. You pay as you go and never have to worry about contracts or membership fees.

All new clients receive their first class absolutely FREE!!!