Cal Tenant Law

Cal Tenant Law

Landlords often bully and lie to you to prevent you from knowing or using your rights. Rumors of rights abound, making you unsure of what to do. Some laws are unclear, or apply in one city but not another. Many lawyers don't know what to do, so they tell you to just give up. That's no answer.

Welcome to California Tenant Law
The Renters' Rights On-Line Legal Help Clinic
Legal advice by attorney Ken Carlson, celebrating his 35th year in landlord-tenant law, protecting California renters' rights.
The Experience You Want
Ken Carlson is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and Loyola Law School of Los Angeles. Since his admission to law practice in 1980, he has specialized in landlord-tenant law, representing tenants in a variety of situations. He has authored booklets on landlord and tenant rights. He has been an instructor for Glendale Community College and for the Department of Real Estate's continuing education course on landlord-tenant law. You are tapping over 30 years of legal experience.

The Commitment You Need!
Ken Carlson began his career as a tenant organizer, and built his law practice from a desk in his apartment to ultimately create this new hub of tenant law in California. His dedication to helping tenants is widely recognized. for services such as the free information provided on this website, referrals to other tenant lawyers around the State, and the inexpensive kits provided through this website. Helping tenants stick up for themselves is the first step toward fair rent laws and practices. provide free advice and explanations of your rights, including:

unlawful detainer (eviction)

security deposits

landlord intrusions

repairs needed

property for sale

rent control

commercial tenancies

mobilehome disputes

breaking a lease

late fees

temporary leave

general tenant rights

Toxic Mold

and more!
Costs and Fees

Most eviction defenses cost about $500, plus the court filing fees and service expenses. For other types of cases, the total cost depends entirely on the circumstances.
There is no contingency fee arrangement. The hourly rate is $200 per hour for residential tenants. You get what you pay for. I work within your budget.

A $100 minimum charge is made for a 1/2 hour informational session, normally done in the office, where the related paperwork can be reviewed at the appointment. It is now also available by telephone through this site..

Ghost-writing and on-going advice is also available for the budget conscious.

The Hotline is available for emergency use at $5 per minute [$300/hr], paid in advance by credit/debit card.

You can also use the legal Kits and forms now available from this website.

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