Canyon Beachwear

One of the only stores in this city that is consistently packed with bikinis, no matter what the temp outside. The deceptively small entrance leads down a flight of stairs into a one-room, wall-to-wall bathing suit extravaganza. The suits here are colorful and flirty, ranging from teeny weenie Brazilian-cut bikinis to tankinis with boy-cut shorts bottoms.

Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren provide traditional shapes and floral designs, while designers like Domani offer poolside glam with beaded, metallic, and pseudo-suede suits. Surfwear designer GirlStar allows you to mix-and-match tops and bottoms for your desired amount of flesh coverage. The prices here range from $50 for a traditional halter-style, one-color bikini to $300 for a beaded blue stunner.

- Excerpt from SF Station Review by Andrea Drugay