Capitol Park

. The Capitol Mall or Capitol Mall Boulevard is a major street and landscaped parkway in the state capital city of Sacramento, California. It connects Downtown Sacramento with the city of West Sacramento in Yolo County.


Centered on the eastern terminus of the Capitol Mall is the 1860s landmark California State Capitol building and parks. The Mall runs westward through Downtown, over the Golden State Highway, past the Riverfront Promenade park, and across the Sacramento River on the iconic Tower Bridge. A plethora of Sacramento's major businesses and law firms are located on the Capitol Mall.

JurisdictionsThe Capitol Mall was previously also known as State Route 275, but was relinquished to the city in January 2006.

Capitol Mall Boulevard landmarks

Landmarks on the Capitol Mall, from the west (Downtown Sacramento) to the east (Sacramento River), include:

1 Capitol Mall

Located at 1 Capitol Mall, Drexel University Sacramento is the California campus of renowned Drexel University, based in Philadelphia. It is located near the iconic Tower Bridge, between the Sacramento River and the Mall's crossing over the Golden State Highway—California State Route 99.

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