Casa Nuevo Vida Sober Living

Casa Nuevo Vida is one of the leading recovery homes in California for good reason. Everything in the community speaks about comfort and tranquility

With the possibility of relapse all too present at every turn, we at Casa Nuevo Vida do not believe in discounting anything in the process of sobriety. Our commitment is not just to provide recovering addicts and alcoholics a safe and supportive environment to reside in, but to arm them with life skills that will help them live a sober, productive, and healthy life.
If you are looking for an environment that can help you commit to a life that is free from drugs or alcohol, let us offer you our homes. Within our facilities, you will find everything you need to make recovery work. We offer the best amenities, the support of peers who can help you reinforce positive habits, and the security and safety of a dedicated sober atmosphere. In the comfort of our living quarters, you can begin to heal and to prepare for a life that views sobriety not just as a program to complete but as a commitment to do the best for success in your journey into sobriety.

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