Cassileth Plastic Surgery

Dr. Lisa Cassileth is a board-certified, plastic surgeon, specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery.

Dr. Lisa Cassileth is a board-certified, Ivy-League-trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon, specializing in corrective cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery. She is the Chief of Plastic Surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and assistant professor of Plastic Surgery at UCLA. Her advanced, minimal incision surgeries give her patients exceptionally beautiful, natural results.

Dr. Cassileth provides a full range of body and face procedures, with a particular focus on the breast. She is a leader in the field of breast revision surgery - correcting previous surgeries that other doctors have been unable to fix. Patients from all over the world seek her out for her one-stage breast reconstruction which allows mastectomy patients to wake up from surgery with their breasts intact, rather than face multiple surgeries. She is also widely renowned for correcting capsular contracture and her specialized, minimal scar breast lift. Her friendly staff and her welcoming Beverly Hills offices make patients and their families feel comfortable and safe.

Dr. Cassileth provides the highest level of care and attention to her patients and is a pioneering innovator in the field of plastic surgery. She is dedicated to advancing the standard of care through her work teaching surgical residents and publishing studies about her new techniques. She serves on several non-profit advisory boards, including the Fertile Action Foundation, which preserves breast cancer patients' fertility options.

Dr. Cassileth lives in Los Angeles with her husband, three children, and their rescue animals: two cats and a Great-Dane.

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