Cbm Services

CBM Services offers customized cleaning solutions for all flooring in your commercial or office space.

At CBM Services, we efficiently manage your maintenance plan from start to finish. We begin by approaching each project with a four-step process that ensures a high-level of service and results.

Consultation: An account representative will visit your property(s), meet with the property manager and/or appropriate parties, and evaluate the property’s needs, make recommendations and provide a demonstration.

Custom Plan Development: After your initial visit with the account representative, CBM Services will provide a custom cleaning and maintenance plan tailored to the needs of the property and that works within your budget.

Execution: The CBM Services team will execute the custom cleaning and maintenance plan after-hours and will not disturb day-to-day business. We take the time to do your job right and never sacrifice quality of service for speed.

Evaluation: After each visit to the property, your account representative will evaluate the job to ensure it has met or exceeded your expectations and recommend next steps.

At CBM Services, we want to create a custom cleaning plan that is best for YOUR property.