Felahy Employment Lawyers

Felahy Employment Lawyers

Wrongfully Terminated? Experiencing Discrimination, Harassment, or Intimidation at work? Let one of our employment lawyers take the case. Don't feel like a victim, call us today at (323) 645-5197

We are a boutique firm located in Los Angeles' bustling financial district. Specializing in Discrimination & Harassment, Wage & Overtime disputes, Intimidation & Retaliation, and Wrongful Termination cases, principal attorney Allen Felahy has the trial experience to win your employment case.

In just over 17 years at practice, Mr. Felahy has secured a 95% successful resolution rate with an average settlement or judgment amount over $100,000.

We excel in taking the fight to the other side for our clients with a smart and aggressive style of litigation. When you're going up against a fraudulent or abusive employer, you need an expert employment lawyer to take your case,

Don't feel like a victim, call us today.

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