Fry's Electronics Manhattan Beach

Your Best Buys are Always at Fry's Electronics. Fry's Electronics is an electronics retailer that stocks more than 50,000 high technology and consumer electronics products.

Fry’s Electronics, based in the Silicon Valley, is a chain of large, themed electronics retailers with a huge selection of PCs, Apple computers, MP3 players, GPS devices, movies, cameras, appliances and a lot more. Shopping at Fry’s can be an experience in itself—themes of the stores range from 1950s sci-fi movies to Roman Temples to Atlantis. The real draw of Fry’s Electronics, however, is its unbelievable variety of electronics available at every store. It may seem overwhelming to shop at such a large store, but each Fry’s is staffed by about 300 knowledgeable employees that can answer any questions customers may have.

Car Electronics

Fry’s is a great place for car electronics including speakers, security systems and navigation. Audiovisual equipment for the home is also well-stocked at Fry’s.

TV/Home Theater

The latest flat panel televisions, video projectors and home theater systems are available at unbelievably low prices.


Fry’s Electronics may be better known for its computers and computer accessories, though. Accommodating salespeople can help customers choose the best computer for their needs. From desktop PC computers to notebooks and tablets to Apple computers, Fry’s is sure to have the perfect computer to fit your needs. Those who are simply looking for computer accessories and software won’t be disappointed either. Mac software for various projects, including graphics and design, business, multimedia and gaming are all on sale at Fry’s. PC users will also find all the entertainment software and business programs necessary for successful computing.

Handheld Electronics

PDAs and handheld electronics are becoming more and more popular as prices continue to fall, and Fry’s Electronics carries many different options. Handhelds and PDAs running Palm operating system and Pocket PC operating system are both available. Carrying cases, extra batteries and other accessories are also in stock.

MP3 Players

The iPod is probably the most popular MP3 player on the market today, but Fry’s also stocks other digital music options for those looking for something different.

Books, Movies and Toys

Fry’s Electronics makes buying gifts easy with its abundance of movies in various formats, including Blu-ray and HD-DVD. Music, books, science projects and toys are just a few other gift ideas that Fry’s Electronics carries. Fry’s has much more to offer—check the links below for a complete listing of electronics and accessories.