Grand Park

A city’s urban heart is an expression of its people, its diversity, its interests, and its passions.

The new Grand Park, with its majestic views extending from the Music Center to City Hall, provides Angelenos of all walks of life a place where they can come together to celebrate, reflect, and shape the future, in one central gathering place. Throughout Grand Park, open spaces are available not only for casual sitting and leisurely strolling, but also for civic gatherings. Grand Park has four distinct areas featuring amenities ranging from a restored historic Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain with a new wade-able membrane pool, a small intimate performance lawn, a community terrace planted with drought tolerant specimen plants representing the diverse cultural make-up of Los Angeles itself, and a grand event lawn. The new Grand Park allows for a strong visual and physical connection from Grand Avenue via a series of stairs, accessible ramps and sloped walks as well as a new elevator to invite more pedestrians into a vibrant garden environment, a place to come together in a welcoming and distinctly urban oasis.

Park Hours: 5:30AM TO 10PM

For your safety the following are PROHIBITED:

Alcoholic Beverages, Narcotics, or Illegal Drugs
Bathing in Pools or Fountain
Damage to Plants or Property
Entering Upper Fountain Pools
Feeding Animals
Firecrackers or Explosives
Firearms or Weapons
Littering (including pet waste)
Overnight Lodging
Public Intoxication
Unauthorized Driving or Parking
Unauthorized Vending
Unleashed Animals

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