High Definition Drilling

High Definition Drilling

High Definition Drilling is a licensed drilling contractor, specializing in geotechnical and environmental drilling for residential and commercial properties.

The owner, James Le Gros, has 20 years experience. He is committed to providing his clients with exceptional service and competitive rates on every project.
High Definition Drilling owns a CME-75 drill rig. The CME-75 is 9 feet wide, 28 feet long, and 11.5 feet high, and has an 8 inch diameter auger. Available services are as follows.

Geotechnical Services:

Soil Testing
Inclinometer Installation
Anode Wells
Piezometer Wells
Settling Monitoring Points

Environmental Services:

Environmental Soil Testing
2 inch and 4 inch Monitoring and Vapor Wells
Methane Wells
Well Abandonment

Instrumentation Services:

Commercial Lightening Rod Installation
Extensometers Instrumentation (MPBX)

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