Hobbies & More

Hobbies & More

Hobbies and More is quickly growing to be the best place for gaming. It has ongoing magic the gathering and yu gi oh tournaments. It has many sinlges at very competitive prices as well as boxes and packs too! Innistrad Block* - 11 weekends of block on saturdays starting 6/30/12 at 6:30pm
It really sucked that innistrad block was only one weekend. I'm bringing it back for all of you who missed it or wanted to experiment with other decks. As of right now an M13 Booster Box is scheduled for prize to 1st place on each weekend. Other prizes TBD based on attendance.
*Only cards from innistrad, dark ascension, and avacyn restored may be used for these block events.
$10 entry. Time is always 6:30 and dates are Jun 30th, July 14,21,28, Aug 4,11,18,25 Sep 1,8,15. ATTN: no block tourney July 7th (prerelease)

M13 Prerelease
Sealed deck. $20 entry. July 7th 12:01 AM (its like a midnight launch following our fnm) and for normal sleepers we have 2 more that day.
July 7th 6:30 and 9:30pm. Also 3 on sunday. July 8th 3,6,9pm. Promos given to all participants while supplies last. Prizes TBD - Minimum 2 pack prize pool per entry. Everyone who enters on sunday will receive a raffle ticket for each sealed event entered. 1 booster per entry will be thrown into a bag which will be raffled off to one lucky winner at 9:30pm (you do not have to be present/will call and hold for you)
(There will be NO deck registering, and again I am sorry for the inconveniance from the last time we tried that)

3...2..1 FNM (super promo giveaway)
I have a lot of promos building up in my collection so now is a good time to give them out. This coming friday and throughout July I am proud to present you to my 3-2-1 FNM's. It will ONLY be $3 to enter. 2 promos will be randomly picked by EACH participant. 1 credit per entry will be put in prize pool. (Each credit won can be saved or redeemed at any time for 1 standard priced booster, $2 cash, or $2.50 in credit towards singles)
The promos consist of foil promo com/uncommons such as gather the townsfolk, go for the throat, shrine of burning rage etc. Extended art cards such as Strangleroot Geist, Diregraf Ghoul, Stormblood Berserker. And some foil promo rares and mythics such as Silverblade Paladin, Gravecrawler, Surgical Extraction, Restoration Angel, Wurmcoil...(there are multiples of many of those listed but there are also many "awww boo! you can keep this promo" type of promo lol) But wait...theres more! I'm also throwing in a Foil Cavern of Souls and a...Foil Sword of Fire and Ice
Fridays at 7:30
Think your the absolute 'Nuts' in Magic? Than go 'nuts' with 3-2-1-5-10. The same 3/2/1 applies but with this entry you pay $5 more and if you go undefeated you win 10 additional boosters on top of the prize pool.

Legacy (weekly tournaments)
Legacy will be held for the first time in the shop. It will be held Monday, July 2nd at 7:30pm $10 entry. Volcanic Island for 1st. Other prizes TBD. These tournaments will be ongoing weekly on mondays at 7:30

Drafts every sunday at 6 and 9pm. $10-$12 entry. pack prize pool per entry. come in and opt to play in our new crazy mtg vanguard draft. We dont always do it but when we have its been quite the experience. Roll a die to receive 1 of 32 mtg vanguards. some produce new starting hand sizes, life differences, or abilities such as 'creatures you control have hexproof.' 'you may play cards as though they had flash.' 'play an additional land on each of your turns.' Crazy fun twist! You can check out all 32 online.