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Founded in 2003, the L.A. Derby Dolls ( are Southern California’s premiere women’s banked-track, quad-skating, roller derby league. Within the league, four fierce teams battle for dominance:

*Fight Crew
*Tough Cookies
*Varsity Brawlers

And....Our All Star team, the L.A. Ri-Ettes!

While their uniforms may be stylish and their names playful, do not be fooled by appearances – the L.A. Derby Dolls are athletes who skate a sport that is unscripted and real. Honored as a Treasure of Los Angeles by the Central City Association, the L.A. Derby Dolls embody the do-it-yourself, “for the skaters, by the skaters” ethos of modern women’s roller derby.

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Tickets for all games can be purchased at:

Stila Cosmetics
Jack Daniels
Pabst Blue Ribbon
S-One Helmets
Iron Doll Clothing
Garage Pizza

Special thanks to:
Alex's Bar, Long Beach
Dr. Rick Fox

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